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Brian Decoded: Leading the way to Dominate Algorithms and Conquer AI.

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I am Brian Decoded and I help busi­ness owners build lean com­pa­nies.

Getting Technology off your plate, so you can focus on what you do best.

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Em­brace the op­por­tu­ni­ty to ac­cel­er­ate and nav­i­gate your con­ver­sions, re­sult­ing in in­creased growth op­por­tu­ni­ties for your com­pa­ny.

Book a call with me to­day, and start im­prov­ing your SEO, User-Ex­pe­ri­ence, and Pro­fit­a­bil­i­ty.
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Work with me and my team on building your digital business engine. Position your company as the leader in your industry.

Cut the results curve from years to months. Best for businesses that rely on digital.

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Conversion Hub is a template that I use to run my team and content op­er­a­tions on a day to day basis.

Integrated prompts and task lists are included within, so you never get stuck when you’re work­ing on a new idea.

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Decoding Conversion Complexities

Unraveling Challenges, Crafting Solutions, & Cultivating Business Growth.

Mastering the Art of Attention

Mastering The Art of Attention

Intelligent Tactics for Data-Driven Marketers. Equip yourself with savvy strategies tailored for data-driven marketers. Dive into insightful tactics designed to maximize your marketing efforts and

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Blog - The software choice

The Software Choice

Master life and business with the right software! Navigate wisely, avoid pitfalls, and empower success. Find your perfect tools now!

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About me

Who is Brian Decoded?

President of Alpha Efficiency

Brian Decoded
Hey, I'm Brian

Visionary behind Alpha Efficiency and Conversion Insider.

In today’s evolving digital atmosphere, a global drive toward diversity, inclusivity & profitability intersect, creating an expansive & complex platform where the symbiosis of business and technology becomes pivotal for the sustainable growth and success of stakeholders and clients alike.

I’m Brian Dordevic, and my core mission is to nurture the global movement toward a better internet through forward-thinking web development, comprehensive cyber security consulting, innovative content creation and cutting edge design.

An immigrant turned citizen, I’m driven by understanding, compassion and and tack-sharp determination towards building permanent relationships aimed at fostering win-win solutions for clients and users alike.

As a president of Alpha Efficiency, a zero emissions digital business, and as an experienced developer living in the heart of Chicago, my environment has been my guru, providing me with the momentum to grow the skills which now propel my clients into the future of finance and technology.